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John Morrison is a professional Network Marketer, trainer, and speaker. He teaches Network Marketers the necessary skills to be successful in Network Marketing and top income earners in their companies.

Knowledge Is NOT Power!

Knowledge is NOT power!  Now before anyone gets all bent out of shape let me explain what I mean.  We've all heard the phrase, we've all read the phrase, "Knowledge Is Power!"  People say it and almost want to high five each other when saying it, but I have to say it plows my field [...]

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Should You Have Multiple Streams Of Income

Should You Have Multiple Streams Of Income? I have had several people over the last few weeks reach out to me in reference to having multiple streams of income. Specifically, these people wanted to know my opinion on generating multiple streams of income with multiple network marketing businesses. I definitely have an opinion when it comes [...]

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Happy Veteran's Day! I want to take this time wish everyone and very Happy and safe Veteran's Day and to thank all of our veterans (Past, Present, and Future) for all that they have done and continue to do to make this the absolute greatest country on the face of the earth.  As a family member [...]

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Four Rules To Live By That Will Explode Your Business

Four Rules To Live By That Will Explode Your Business My Grandfather gave me four rules to live by that have played a huge role in my success. Every time I have implemented these four rules, success has followed.  In fact, I believe you would be hard pressed to show me an example of where these four rules [...]

Using Feel, Felt, And Found To Overcome Objections

Overcoming Objections With Feel, Felt, And Found If you are going to be successful in your network marketing business, you are going to have to learn how to overcome objections. There are many ways of overcoming objections, but today I cover a technique known as Feel, Felt, And Found that is an oldie but a [...]

How To Answer “What Do You Do?”

How Do You Answer The Question "What Do You Do (For A Living)?" I have a simple formula for answering this question, and I discuss in today's video. I recently posted a video showing you three questions to ask that would get you more leads, help you book more appointments, and sign up more business [...]

Ask These Three Questions To Book More Appointments

Ask these three questions if you want to get more leads, book more appointments, and sign up more reps! In previous blog posts, I've been talking about the importance of asking great questions to build your network marketing business.  If you are the one asking the questions you are the one in charge of the [...]