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I want to share some information with you and give you some advice from a mentor worth $450 Million Dollars.

I advice-no negativitylearned this several decades ago, and it has helped me grow my business. It will help you grow your business too, and I discuss it in today's video!

The simple advice that I am referring to is 5 simple words…Stay Away From Negative People!

I'm going to give you a couple of examples of how I've seen this happen for some very mega-successful and wealthy people and how they've heeded this advice as well. But this mentor said the following:

$$$ “The most powerful thing in life is not positive action but negative thought.” $$$

Now just think about that for a second. The most powerful thing in life, the most powerful thing in the world, is not positive action but negative thought.

Network Marketing adviceWe hear people talk about going out and taking powerful positive action. Go out make it happen, but it's hard to make things happen if you have negative thoughts controlling your thinking and actions.  It's hard to make things happen if you have people around you bringing that negativity to you.  I've been fortunate and blessed to be around some successful people, and I do mean some big-time successful people, that have taught me over the years and gave sound advice for my business.

Back in the early days of my network marketing career, I was at an event a company event.  That specific company had just had a best selling book written about it.  In that book, there were a lot of the Top money earners inside of the company featured in the book.  At this particular event, a lot of these Top-Earners were signing autographs and signing books.  I happened to be standing next to one of these top money earners.  She was an older lady but she was very successful inside the company.  She was mentioned in the book and she had a whole lot of people there to have their books signed by her because she was so well liked and respected.

I just happened to be in the right place at the right time because I learned this very important lesson and advice that has stuck with me ever since.  I watched her sign book after book and be so sincere, having an attitude of gratitude, and just be happy and humble to be there sewing into the lives of other people.  For the most part, the people getting their books signed were very very positive and thankful and appreciative.

There was this one person that was next in line to get their book signed that asked her to sign it.  She was fixing to sign it when all of the sudden, they started spewing all of this negativity.  They were talking about customer service issues and how they need to get this and that fixed.  This issue and that issue was keeping their business from growing, and on and on and on.  This top money earner had already folded the book before signing it, was standing there holding their book, and listening giving this person their full attention as they went on complaining.

What the successful top money earner did next was a lesson that has stayed with me ever since.  She handed the advice stay away from negative peoplebook back to this negative person and said (and I quote) “you're negative, and my feet still work.”   Then she turned around and walked away. She literally removed herself from that negativity immediately.  Now I later learned that she learned that exact phrase and technique to get away from negativity from another multi-millionaire top money earner inside of that same company. So I got to watch her repeat what she had seen and learned from the other person that was very successful and her mentor.  They both reached those levels of success due to their understanding of how powerful negative thought can be.

The mentor I mentioned earlier, that told me the most powerful thing in life is not positive action but negative thought would tell you to tell them where they can go and get away from them.  He would be very very abrasive, use vulgar language more than likely, and be rude when getting away from them. I'm telling you that you don't have to be rude, but you do need to get away from the negativity.  You can be respectful and remove yourself from that negative environment by simply saying something like “I just realized I've got to go make a phone call.  Please excuse me” and remove yourself from the negativity and the situation.

I promise you if you'll do this and you'll guard who you're hanging around and what you're listening to, your business will definitely benefit from it.  Make sure that top-notch positive powerful people are in your circle and mounting your bus. Your business is going to grow and you are also going to grow and that's unstoppable.

So, I recommend you heed the same advice…Stay away from negative people. As a matter of fact, stay away from negativity period.  I hope this information is helpful to you and brought value to you and your business. Go out and be positive!  Be a positive force in the world for good, and help as many people as you can get across the finish line with you.

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