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Three questions for your network marketing businessAsk these three questions if you want to get more leads, book more appointments, and sign up more reps!

In previous blog posts, I've been talking about the importance of asking great questions to build your network marketing business.  If you are the one asking the questions you are the one in charge of the conversation.  You can click here to check them out.

Well here are three questions you should be asking if you want to get more leads, book more appointments, and sign up more reps in your business.  Watch today's video below as I discuss them:

The Three Questions To Build Your Network Marketing Business.

Question #1  “What do you do for a living?”

Three questions to build your network marketing business

Question #2  “What does that involve or entail?”

Question #3  “Do you like it?”

These three questions are great questions to use when visiting with people, and these three questions will give you a more natural segue into your invitation for them to take a look at your network marketing business.

$$$ Golden Nugget $$$

Very Important Note:  Your only job is to book the appointment so you can then show them your presentation.  Do not pounce on them once they show an interest in what you have.  This comes across salesy and desperate.  Book a real appointment with them so that you can show them your network marketing business uninterrupted.

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