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Happy New Year!

Well, it's a New Year and I want to be one of the first to wish you a very prosperous, healthy, and Happy New Year!  I am very excited about what this year has to offer.  I believe it will be one of the best years ever when it comes to building a big time network marketing business.

With That being said, I have two recommendations or a little advice for you going into the new year.  Advice that will help you build a more successful network marketing business.  Advice that definitely helped me, and I hope it is helpful to you and brings you value as we move into a brand new year.

  1. Stay Away From Negative People.
      • Nothing good comes from hanging around negative people.
      • Negativity can impact your focus, your belief, your passion, your intensity, your urgency, and this will impact your business.
      • You must protect yourself from this, and remove yourself from this environment as fast as humanly possible.

  2. Guard Your Tongue.Guard Your Tongue
    • Watch what you say about your network marketing business, and pay attention to how you say it.
    • Life and Death are in the power of the tongue.
    • You can speak life/success into your business, AND you can speak death/failure into your business as well.
    • Make sure you are putting out a positive vibe everyday.
    • Make positive declarations each and everyday regarding your life and business.
    • Speak positively about other people.  Bring people up every chance you get.

Here's to a very Happy, POSITIVE, Bright, Healthy, and Prosperous 2017!  May it be your best year ever.