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What Do You DoHow Do You Answer The Question “What Do You Do (For A Living)?”

I have a simple formula for answering this question, and I discuss in today's video.

I recently posted a video showing you three questions to ask that would get you more leads, help you book more appointments, and sign up more business partners in your network marketing business.  You can CLICK HERE to view that video.  One of the questions that I mention in that video is, “What do you do (for a living)?”

I mentioned in that video that you need to be prepared to answer the same question when and if it is asked of you.  It is just a natural response for someone to ask you what you do for a living after you ask them the same question, so you need to be prepared.  One of the biggest mistakes I see amateurs make inside of the network marketing profession is the lack of preparation.

Success in network marketing to a large degree is simply preparation meeting opportunity, so let's get prepared.  How do you answer the question?

I have a formula that I use to answer this question and I discuss it in today's video below:

The “What Do You Do (for a living)?” Formula

I show __________ how to __________ so they can __________.


I help __________ to __________ so they can __________.

You are simply going to fill in the blanks with information that pertains to or addresses the pain, the needs, or the desires of the person you are talking to.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • I show people how to make a leveraged residual income on a very part-time basis, so they can enjoy life without having to trade time for the money.
  • I show moms how to make money from home so they can raise their children without having to put them in daycare.
  • I show REALTORS how to develop a residual income on a very part-time basis that compliments their real estate income, so they can have freedom and not be strapped to their business 24/7.

When you fill in the blanks, another great question to ask is “Do you know anyone that would be interested in learning how to __________?

$$$ Golden Nugget $$$

When you use this formula to answer their question, make sure you respond and deflect it back to them with another Success In Network Marketingquestion.  (Example: “How long have you worked for ABC Company?” or “Do you like working for ABC Company?”  This will put you back in charge of the conversation.  If you want to have success in network marketing, always make sure you are postured and in charge of the conversation.

When you use this technique or formula you are going to find that people are naturally going to be intrigued or curious to learn more.  They are going to lean in and want more information.  Don't get caught in this trap known as the valley of death.  Your only goal is to book the appointment, so you can do a proper presentation that is uninterrupted.  During this process is not the time to whip out flyers, brochures, graphs, powerpoint presentations, etc.  Simply book the appointment.

Success In Network MarketingIn conclusion, if you use this formula to answer this question, and you implement this into your network marketing business, you will see some immediate results.  Always remember to make sure you are following up your answer with a deflecting question, so you are back in control of the conversation.  Now book the appointment to show the plan.

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