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Should You Have Multiple Streams Of Income?

I have had several people over the last few weeks reach out to me in reference to having multiple streams of income. Specifically, these people wanted to know my opinion on generating multiple streams of income with multiple network marketing businesses.

I definitely have an opinion when it comes to this specific topic that is backed up by 32 years of experience in network marketing.  Watch today's video, as I discuss this very topic and share my opinion with you.

As I mentioned in the video, this is just my opinion.  You obviously can take this information and do with it what you will.

I do know this when it comes to network marketing or business in general for that matter.  Companies come and go, and if you have all of your eggs in that one basket when and if it goes, you are in serious trouble.  Time and money are wasted.

With that being said, I also know this about building a network marketing business.  If you chase too many rabbits you won't catch any of them.

Success in network marketing is tied directly to your belief, passion, intensity, and urgency.  I talk about that in another blog post that you can see by CLICKING HERE.  You must find a company with a product/service, compensation plan, leadership, etc. that you can believe in.  This is absolutely critical when it comes to being successful and getting through tough times.

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