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One QuestionTurn Naysayers Into Profits And Referrals

If you want to turn naysayers into profits and referrals, there is one question you need to be asking.  I discuss this question and how to use it in today's video.

Now, before I give you this powerful question, I need to cover something very important right up front.  First, and foremost, having posture is key during this process.  For those of you that may not be familiar with what I mean by posture, here is a simple definition.

When used in your network marketing business, posture is having belief in what you are doing without needing outside acceptance or approval.  So first, you must hold your posture.  I cannot stress this enough.

$$$ Golden Nugget $$$

You see, I don't need someone's acceptance or approval to have belief in my network marketing business, and you should not either.  In my mind, I'm going to be successful whether they say yes or no.  It really does not matter to me.  I'm simply sorting.

When you come from this position of posture, things drastically change in the mind of your prospect when you're talking to them.  Like my grandfather taught me years ago, “Just kiss the girl leaning towards you.  That's the one that's interested.”  It kind of works like that in your network marketing business.

So What Is This One Question?

Now for the question.  What is the one question to ask the naysayers that will help them turn the corner, posture you as a professional at One Questionthe same time, and grow your network marketing business?

“Do you know anyone that WOULD want to make some extra/serious money if we took them by the hand and helped them?”


“Do you know anyone that WOULD want to make some extra/serious money if we showed them step by step how to do it?”

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