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Prospect A Waiter Or WaitressHow To Recruit Waiters And Waitresses Into Your Network Marketing Business.

Today's question comes from Jerry in Utah.  The question is, what is the best way to prospect and recruit waiters or waitresses into your network marketing business?  And how do you do this when in the restaurant?  This is an awesome question.

I have to first say that when you're talking to people in the servicing industries, they're already used to talking to people, so these folks are great prospects.  They're not usually waiting on tables as a long time career move.  It's usually a part-time venture for them and they're already looking for something else, or they're putting their selves through college or things of this nature.

These are great people to prospect and recruit for your network marketing business, and I have a four-step formula for doing so.  Now a key factor when recruiting anybody, and when building your network marketing business, is to make sure you're the one asking questions.  Questions are the most powerful tool that you can have in your arsenal because when you're asking questions, you're in-charge with the conversation.  You come across as postured, professional, and you're going to stay out of the valley of death, which is basically Q and A where they're asking you all of the questions like “what is it?” “How much do you make?” “How much can I make?”  All of these things, which you don't really want to get into with them at this point.  Especially when they're already busy and sidetracked and thinking about other things.  With that being said, let me go to the four steps or the four processes of recruiting a waiter or waitress.

Step 1:  Be In A Hurry!

First and foremost, I recommend that you'd be in a hurry and wait until the check arrives and when you're fetching to leave before bringing up the question towards this prospect.

I'm not saying that you don't carry on a conversation while they're giving your service.  While I'm out and about, what

4 Steps

I'll typically do is ask them questions like “how long have you worked at the restaurant?  “Do you plan on doing this the rest of your life, or are you just doing this as a part-time job to put yourself through school?”  I'll ask these types of questions throughout the course of the meal, just so that I can develop a relationship with the person and find out what their goals/desires are.  Keep in mind, sometimes their answers will determine whether or not I even want them in my business.

Now when it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty, I will purposely wait until it's time to leave.  My wife and son are usually with me, and they are already trained and groomed to leave.  That way, I have to be in a hurry.  That would sound something like this, “You know, now is really not the best time to get into this because I know you're busy.  You've got other tables you're waiting on, and I have to go.  My wife and son are already headed to the car and we've got to get to an appointment ourselves but…”  That's being in a hurry.

Step 2:  Give A Sincere Compliment

The second thing and probably one of the most powerful aspects of the four steps is to give them a sincere compliment. 4 StepsIt has to be one hundred percent sincere.  If they spill tea on you, you obviously would not tell them that they've given you the best service you've ever experienced for example.   If they have given you great service, then you could simply say something like this, “You've given me some of the best service I've ever received at this restaurant.  You're very good at what you do.  Just curious … ”  That's going to lead to step three, which is the invitation.

Step 3:  The Invitation

This is where you're going to ask some more great questions.  Here are some examples.

“Are you open to a side project if it didn't interfere with your job here at the restaurant?”4 Steps
“Are you money motivated?”

These are some examples of questions that I ask. There are all kinds of questions that you can ask for the invitation. Think outside the box and simply test various invites to see which ones work best for you.

Step 4:  Get Their Information and/or Book The Appointment

In step 4, you're just going to book the appointment.  Get their information, book the appointment, and get going.  Your only job is to book the appointment and get people in front of your business presentation.  After that, a yes or no answer is a great answer.

That would sound something like this, “I'm extremely busy, but if you give me your name, phone number, and email address, I promise I'll send you some information as soon as I can.”  Another example would be “I think it's definitely something you're going to get excited about.  Something that you could do without affecting your job here, but I don't have time to really get into it.  Just put your information on the back of my receipt, so I can get you the information.”

4 StepsJust gather their information, collect the lead, and then you can book the appointment.

Those are the four steps or guidelines that I typically use when I'm out and about with waiters and waitresses.  Use these when you're out recruiting, and every time you go out make sure you are networking on purpose.

Important Note:  One final tip (pun intended)…make sure you leave them a good tip/gratuity.  If you don't, this will nullify all previous steps and erase everything you've worked to accomplish up to this point.  

If this has been helpful to you, feel free to comment, share this on Facebook, Twitter, social media.  Let me know if we can do anything to help you build your business.  Also, feel free to submit any questions that you have to us.  Simply email me at john@johnmorrison.ws.  Just remember, never ever quit. Keep charging and we'll see you at the bank.

If this has been helpful to you, feel free to comment, share this on Facebook, Twitter, social media. Let me know if we can do anything to help you build your business. Feel free to submit any questions that you have to us. Simply email me at john@johnmorrison.ws. Just remember, never ever quit. Keep charging and we'll see you at the bank.

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How To Recruit Waiters And Waitresses

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