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understanding the word noUnderstanding The Word No!

When it comes to understanding the word No, and the power that it is given inside of the Network Marketing Profession, there is no other word that compares.

There is no other word in the dictionary that causes more fear, causes more people to quit their businesses, and costs more people more money than the word “NO!”

Here is an article that I obtained many years ago through Network Marketing circles, from an unknown source, that addresses this topic very well.  Also watch the video below, and I'll explain what I mean when it comes to the word “No” and how it is treated inside of the Network Marketing Profession.

“No” – Here's the Part You Don't Understand
Learn The Truth about the most misunderstood word in the Network Marketing Dictionary.

by John Milton Fogg

Great country music lyric: “What part of ‘No” don’t you understand?” Here’s one answer — and it’s critical to understanding your Network Marketing business and the people who get in…and quit.

“No,” is pervasive — it’s everywhere. It’s powerful.

It means: “not possible…forget it…go away…leave me alone…you’re crazy…[and] I hate you…”

It sucks the excitement and enthusiasm out of your most promising prospects. “No” is Public Enemy #1 in the previously undetected Understanding The Word Noworld- wide conspiracy to render 90 percent of all Network Marketing hopefuls, loser-quitter-failures who drop out before payday.

Do you think the failure rate and turnover in Network Marketing is due to the absence of a duplicatable business building system?

Perhaps you blame:

• Lack of training?
• Lackluster products?
• Dysfunctional comp plan?

Or are you so enlightened as to realize that the real reason so many people quit is it’s so easy to get in — and even easier to get out — that people come and go because they have nothing at stake…because quitting is cheap and easy to do?

Or maybe you think that all of the above are true to an extent.

The real reason people quit their businesses is that they cannot stand hearing the word “No.” And they WILL hear “No” more than any other word in the language.

Check this out: It’s excerpted from The Poundstone Report: Educating Madam Justice, taken off the MOJO wire from Mother Jones magazine on the Internet (http://www.mojones.com). Paula Poundstone is a nationally known stand-up comic who can think and write as well.

understanding the word no“I’m learning a lot about children. I’m required to take 12 hours of continuing education in order to maintain my foster parent certification. The last lecture I attended was by Dr. Charlotte Reznick, a child and educational psychologist. She said there had been some study that followed mothers with 2-year-olds for a day and recorded the number of negative and positive comments the mothers made. Not surprisingly, with all the things there are to tell a 2-year-old no about, the negative comments outweighed the positive. What’s startling is that they outweighed them 13 to 1…” That's 13 Nos for every 1 Yes .”

Try this one: In Word-of-Mouth Marketing, (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. New York, available from Upline® Resources) author Jerry Wilson tells of how he sent out hundreds of requests for person-to-person business experiences for his book. He requested both positive and negative stories.

“…we received only a handful of positive stories. But we got stacks of horror tales. By a ratio of 100 to 1…  From Wilson’s research came his Rule Two: “The rule of 3-33. For every three people willing to tell a positive story about an experience with your company, there are 33 others who will tell a horror story.”

The part of “No” that most of us don’t understand is that “No” is the way it is. It’s what you and I are thrown to. Majority rule. “No” is what we expect, and you know you always get what you expect.

“Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t touch that. Don’t do this. NO, you cannot have cake and ice cream for breakfast. No, no, no…” since we were babies. “Can I have $20?” “No!” “Can I borrow the car?” “No!” Can I succeed in my own Network Marketing business? No!

And 95 percent of all the people you know — whether they are aware of it or not — just can’t take it anymore! They have been “No-ed” to death. Their spirit has been shot. (So the fact that 90 percent of the people attrit’ in Network Marketing means we’re five percent ahead of the average!)

How would you like to increase your income five times…, decrease the attrition rate in your business by 25 percent or even cut it in understanding the word nohalf…, and literally, personally, transform the lives (through duplication) of thousands and thousands of human beings?

Teach your people how to hear the word “No,” and forget about it! Train your people to understand that “No” is normal. “No,” is the status quo.

Show your people how to be Yesmen and Yeswomen and that one thing alone will empower your Networking business to awesome new heights — guaranteed!

Learn to listen behind the “No” for what is really there, and then teach your people to do the same thing.

Ask and keep on asking past the “No’s.”

Look at this: Did you know that 50 percent of all salespeople — professionals who are in sales to earn their living — quit after they receive their first “No?” But if they’d simply keep asking, politely and in a sensitive and respectful way, they’d find out that…

• 20 percent of their prospects will say “Yes” after being asked for the fourth time.
• 50 percent will say “Yes” after being asked the eighth time.
• 70 percent will say “Yes” after being asked the 12th time.
• 90 percent will say “Yes” after being asked the 15th time.
• And 10 percent will never say “Yes” no matter how many times you ask.

And finally, research has shown that when people say “No,” 50 percent of them do not understand what you are offering, and the other half are having trouble making a decision.

Train the truth about “No” and teach your people how to ask questions to get to “Yes.” This is the single most important and empowering prospecting lesson to master.

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