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Welcome To My BlogWelcome To My Blog!

Welcome to my blog!  I am super excited to bring you this resource to help you build your business.  I absolutely love this wonderful profession we know as Network Marketing, and I know first hand how it can change your life and your family's financial picture forever.

Over the years I've had friends and family, some that are even in other Network Marketing Businesses/Companies (and passionate about their product or service), ask me about training, what's the secret, what does one have to do to build a successful business, how did you do it, etc.  As our success and popularity began to grow, and I started doing more and more public speaking and trainings, I had complete strangers start reaching out to me and asking me these same questions.

This is what sparked the idea and need for this tool.  I simply could not get to everyone, and this bothered me greatly.  I did not have any place to send them for my personal training.  I would have to refer them to some other site, and/or plug them in to some other “guru” inside of the profession.  Although there are some tremendous teachers/trainers/mentors out there that I highly recommend inside of this profession, this was not always the best thing to do.  Especially since it's hard to agree with somebody 100% of the time when it comes to ones philosophy of building a Network Marketing business.

Moreover, some of these “guru's” had never built a successful network marketing business or they were no longer actively building a business. Now don't get me wrong.  I believe we can still learn something from just about anyone, even if they've never been involved in our profession, but I personally like to get the bulk of my personal training and resources from someone that is not only telling me how to do it, but is actually doing it and practicing what they preach.

All of my training at the time was focused on, and related to, my company and my business.  It was specificJohn Morrison Training to my business and how I built and continue to build and grow my business.   Some of that training was not applicable and obviously would not apply in every situation.  Therefore we needed to start a website that anyone could take advantage of and learn from.  This will hopefully accomplish two goals:

  1. Provide training to the masses that will teach the skills one absolutely must have in order to build a successful network marketing business.  The more success we help create the higher the success rate will become, and that is a great thing for anyone involved in the profession.
  2. This will also help me personally continue to build and grow my own personal business.  I found myself taking a lot of time away from my own personal business in order to help others overcome the stumbling blocks they were encountering in their businesses.  When I received emails or private messages inside of facebook for example, I could not let these cries for help go unanswered.  It truly bothered me and still does to this day.  Now, hopefully with this website, I can provide a free learning environment that anyone in any network marketing business can take advantage of.

In conclusion, my #1 goal of my blog is to bring value to you and your business.  I look forward to posting and providing each and everyone valuable content, resources, and training that will teach you the mindset, tools, and skills you need to have in order to  build a successful business.

Feel free to reach out to me.  Let me know what you think about the website, ideas for future posts that will help you,  and let me know if I can be of service to you in any way.  Also, feel free to share this website with your friends and business partners.  Here's to locking arm and arm with you and creating lives of significance.

I wish you the health, happiness, and prosperity you truly deserve!

Your friend and partner,

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