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MJ Durkin

Creator of Recommendation Selling™

MJ Durkin

Author and Speaker

“Being a top money earner and involved in this profession for over 20 years, I’ve seen and shared the stage with my fair share of trainers, speakers, and leaders. John Morrison is one atop this extraordinary list. I’ve built my success on the foundational belief that if you “bury yourself in the success of others; your success becomes a byproduct of it.” John continues to prove that statement true with his unselfish commitment in helping others reach their goals. He truly cares about the success of others; that makes him all the more successful and special.”

Brian McClure

Professional Network Marketer, Trainer, Speaker, and Multi-Million Dollar Per Year Earner

”Two thumbs up and 5 stars! This training ranks right up there with the best of the best…It's just that good!”

Jennifer Burns

Realtor®, Austin, TX

“John’s expertise lies in the fact that he practices what he preaches. He is not some trainer telling you what to do and has never done it himself. The fact that he is actively building a successful network marketing business using the same strategies and skills that he teaches speaks volumes – and he’s a great teacher. These strategies and skills are not only relevant, they work!”

Elizabeth Oliva

Realtor®, eXp Realty, LLC

”Outstanding training! I have been in network marketing for over 2 decades, and I have been trained by the best of the best when it comes to network marketing! John Morrison's training has got to be one of the best trainings I have ever attended in my network marketing career. I loved his humor and honesty to tell it like it is. His trainings get a 10+++! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and humor! Want to be successful in network marketing? His trainings are a must whether you’re new to the profession or a seasoned veteran.”

MeLynda Lilly


“John Morrison is one of the best network marketers and trainers I know. He knows EXACTLY what it takes to massively succeed in network marketing. His straight talk, no-nonsense, straight answer training style is refreshing to hear inside this profession, and with his humor added to it, you will be on the edge of your seat the entire time.”

Clyde George

CBS Sports

“John is one of the most charismatic and entertaining speakers that I have ever heard. He has a gift when it comes to delivering the content, while at the same time, keeping the listener and audience engaged. You cannot go wrong by having John speak at your event. He brings the passion every single time. This training is completely under the radar, and will become a must attend event if you are in network marketing!”

Claude Burgoise

Pilot, American Airlines

Hey John!! Just a little feedback & encouragement!! Had two of my new business partners at the training on Saturday and talked with them today. They have been like a bull released from the gate at the rodeo since then!!! Excellent interaction with everyone in the room & the energy was awesome!! Keep changing lives hoss!!!”

Jay Glossop

Fort Hood, TX

”Your dedication to the profession is awesome, and you are SO classy! In concert with those qualities, your ability to teach and hold attention is fantastic. This was my sixth time to attend, and it is one of the best (if not THE best) trainings I have ever attended! I always learn something new, the content is incredible, and I don't think I could function without it! The information is so valuable that you cannot put a price tag on it!”

Mary Vetters

Austin, TX

”I learn something new every single time. Living in a remote area of the state that’s not heavily populated, this training has helped us tremendously. We really like it when John shares real life stories. The training has been super every single time!”

Sandy Rodie


In the 2 years I have been within network marketing as an independent consultant, I have had the opportunity to personally attend John's training seminars several times, as well as tune in Wednesday nights to his conference calls for consultants. As someone who has 29 years of education and training in the medical profession as well as 23 years as a medical educator, I know a little something about great teachers. John Morrison is a great teacher. He is a dynamic presenter who engages the learners in getting his message across in a simple easy to understand fashion. He doesn't just talk the talk, but walks the walk. As a result he is a top professional network marketer. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn what it takes to be successful in this profession, which can change peoples' lives.

John Fraser, MD


“I learned a lot! John is teaching a proven system that is working and helping us take our business to the next level.”

Joe Conway

Austin, TX