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VirBELA Open Campus and Team Rooms

VirBELA Open Campus and Team Rooms

The Future of Work

With VirBELA Open Campus and Team Rooms, our mission is to improve the way people learn and collaborate together, while apart. The world of work is changing. Too many people are unhappy at work. Distance education, while convenient, does not support social and experiential learning engagements that are most effective in developing 21st-century skills.  We believe immersive technology is opening up new frontiers for collaboration. We hope to work with client partners in diverse market sectors to change the world for both individuals and organizations.

VirBELA enables next-generation remote collaboration.  Many companies are already using and seeing the difference VirBELA makes in various applications such as eXp Realty, Stanford Business School, University of California-San Diego, The United States Department of Defense, and more.


Finally, one place with everything you need. Our virtual environments are designed to bring you and your team closer together, which is why we’ve made sure our software is compatible with the most popular business, learning, and productivity tools available. Click the button below to check out our list of software integrations.


You can’t afford to get stuck with outdated software. That’s why we’ve built Virbela on top of Unity, the world’s most powerful game engine, which allows us to create customized and contextually relevant experiences that can be transformed and optimized over time to continuously meet your needs.


Scaling up? Not a problem. Scaling down? We’ve got you covered. Backed by AWS, our virtual environments can rapidly expand or contract to match your demand. And, with state-of-the-art encryption from Amazon, you’re data is always in good hands. Click the button below to learn more about our different virtual environments.

Open Campus:

The world of work is changing. Not just what we're doing, but how we're doing it. Thanks to technology that allows people to be productive and interact with their colleagues at a distance, the necessity of the physical office is coming into question. The implications of this change extend beyond the workplace to things like conferences, classrooms, events, and more.

Our online Open Campus is already being used for all of the above.

Remote work is a lot more than being able to work in your pajamas. We believe that remote work can yield enormous benefits for employees, employers, schools, our global infrastructure, and the environment.

The VirBELA Open Campus is a free virtual world where you can host or attend immersive online events, meetings, classes, and more.  Whether you’re a small group of globally distributed, digital nomads or just down the street from each other, our Open Campus is the perfect place to hold online events or build a cloud-based business. Completely free to use and home to a community of untethered innovators.  In the Open Campus, we're building a community of people interested in the future of work and collaboration.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the open campus or CLICK HERE to book a tour.

Team Rooms:

We believe there's a better way to work and learn online.  VirBELA Team Rooms are always-on, immersive collaboration spaces that foster togetherness, community, and presence.  Remote work doesn't need to feel isolated.

Want a private space to use with your colleagues or students? Get a Team Room or even your own branded Campus. We offer out-of-the-box Team Rooms, but we can also customize your space with unique designs, features, and integrations.

Remote workers often feel isolated, and remote teams can lack a sense of togetherness, community, and shared space. This doesn't just affect the quality of the meetings. It also makes it difficult to have the kinds of casual, informal interactions that build real bonds between teammates.

Team Rooms provide an “always-on” 3D environment that gives any online group a way to collaborate + chat in a way that feels:
– more personal than a text chat
– more powerful than a video call
– more engaging than both

CLICK HERE to learn more about Team Rooms or CLICK HERE to book a tour.

Custom Development:

We're a team of developers, artists, psychologists, and instructional designers with deep expertise in developing, designing, and using immersive environments and tools. We've done work for world-class education institutions as well as Fortune 500 companies.

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We believe there's a better way to work online. Join us.

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