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Importance Of DuplicationThe Importance Of Duplication.

The key to building a successful network marketing business that grows exponentially is duplication!  I talk about the importance of duplication in today's video.

Make sure what you're doing is always duplicatable. Your job is to make your new business partner independent from you as fast as humanly possible. You do not want a dependent business partner because your business will not grow unless you are involved. You want a business that grows whether you're on vacation or sleeping.

There is an old saying inside of the network marketing profession that states, “it doesn't matter what works.  The only thing that matters is what duplicates.”  This is very true!  You will see people in your network marketing business that can actually give a stellar presentation.  In fact, their presentation is so good, people join just from the excitement and power of the presentation.  You may be one that gives such a powerful presentation.  These people are usually the ones in front of the room at your company's events or local presentations, and they should be.  However, if the new business partner cannot go out and duplicate that presentation, guess what?  They wait on someone else to do the presentation for them, or they don't show the business until they can get their prospect in front of the powerful presenter.  This usually means the new business partner is only building their business one day out of the week.

This is why the successful network marketing professional always uses a third-party tool to show the presentation to their potential business partner.  They understand the importance of duplication, and this is why using a third-party tool is mandatory since it is 100% duplicatable. Everyone can press play and watch a video, DVD, webinar, etc.  Everyone can call a conference call number and listen in.  Everyone can point to a magazine article that highlights the company, the product or service, a powerful story, etc.  Now I don't know about you, but I would rather have 1,000 people pointing, reading, watching, and/or pressing play rather than 1,000 people waiting on me to give their importance of duplicationbusiness presentation for them.

By building your network marketing business in this manner, it will allow you to have a successful business that will eventually hit exponential growth.  In other words, your network marketing business grows without your involvement.  How do you know when duplication and exponential growth is occurring in your network marketing business?  When you have customers and business partners coming into your network marketing business, and you had absolutely nothing to do with it.  In fact, you did not even know it happened until after the fact.  When you go out to play golf and come back home to find out that you now have more customers in your business than you had when you teed off.  When you go on vacation and come back home to find that you have more reps, distributors, consultants, etc. in your network marketing business than when you left.  This is exciting and illustrates the importance of duplication in your network marketing business. Very few professions can give you this power through leverage which is basically getting paid on the efforts of many people and not just your own.

So in conclusion, you must understand the importance of duplication.  In order to be a network marketing professional you absolutely must have duplication occurring in your network marketing business.  If what you are doing is not duplicating, STOP DOING IT!  The network marketing professional understands the importance of duplication and keeps everything simple, duplicatable, and creates this culture in their organization.  Do this and you too will enjoy network marketing success, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor by having time freedom, and you will be going to the bank on a regular basis 🙂

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