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Magic QuestionAbsolutely The Very Best Question You Can Ask To Build Your Network Marketing Business (The Magic Question).

Do you know what the very best question you can ask to build your network marketing business is?  It is THE Magic Question, and I discuss how to use this magic question in today's video.

I am super excited for you today because I'm going to be covering the magic question you should be asking inside of your network marketing business.  

If you start utilizing this and what I'm about to teach you, you're going to see an immediate impact in your business in a big time positive way.

I learned this magic question back in the mid 90's from a multi-million dollar earner inside of network marketing, a mentor of mine.  I've utilized it since that time, and it's played a major role in my business and it's something I utilize 99% of the time during the course of a conversation in some form or variation.

In a previous blog post, I covered what, in my opinion, is the gateway skill inside of network marketing.  That skill is the ability to ask great questions.  If you didn't see that post, you can view that video and article by CLICKING HERE and check it out.  I mentioned how I was going to teach you the magic question you should be asking, and so that's the purpose of today's blog post.

So what is this magic question?

The magic question and/or variation of it is…

If I __________, would that __________?

If I __________, would you __________?

In the prior video I mentioned earlier, I talked about finding someone's pain, wants, needs, desires, etc. by asking great questions.  By doing this, you find out what is important to them (your prospect).  Once you know what these are, you can show them how you and your business can help them achieve their goals or how to fix their pain.  If your prospect was sincere in expressing to you their pain/desires, they are going to be much more likely to listen to you when you offer them a solution?

How do you find out what these are?… by asking great questions.  Once you know what these are, you show them your presentation or book an appointment to show them your presentation that addresses their pain/desires and how you can help them fix it.  This is where the magic question comes in.

There are a lot of things happening inside of this question or variations of it. Things that are happening subliminally, things that you don't even realize are happening that make it super powerful.  I want to expound on a few of these to show you what makes this question “magic” in just a second, but first, I would like to discuss what this magic question is going to help you accomplish.

This magic question is going to help you accomplish two things.

  1. It's going to help you book more appointments.
  2. It's going to help you have a bigger success rate in getting people to actually look at your presentation.

Let's take the first aspect of that and talk about how it's going to help you book your appointments.

Using the magic question to book appointments

If I'm talking to somebody, whether I know them or not, friend or stranger, and I'm asking great questions, whether I'm out playing golf, at a school function, at a restaurant with my wife and son, etc.  I'm just taking this with me wherever I go.magic question I'm asking great questions.  I'm getting to know people.  Through the course of a conversation, I might find out that a person needs to pay for college, they need to eliminate a job, they'd like to bring a spouse home, they're making great money but they don't have time to enjoy it, etc.  It could be any number of things, but I'm going to be listening to the answers to my questions.

Let me just go with the first example.  Let's just say you've talked to somebody.  They've got college-age children, fixing to go to college, and they've expressed a need to find a way to pay for that college.  Well, I could ask some more questions. What college does your child plan to attend?  What major are they going to focus on?

I don't necessarily just whip out this question and pounce on them.  That makes it sound too “sales-y.”  I'll find out a little bit more information, and then I'll say, “Let me ask you a question.  If I could show you how to pay for that college without taking out student loans, would that be worth fifteen minutes of your time (insert the length of your third-party tool presentation)?


If I could show you how to (pay for college, eliminate a job, have more time, retire your spouse, etc.),

would that be worth 15 minutes of your time?

Very key fact and point that I want to hammer home here.  You must always be using a third-party tool, so it removes you from the scenario and promotes duplication.  I would rather have somebody looking at my presentation and thinking, “All he did was show me a video.  I can do this!” rather than “That was a lot of information.  I don't think I can do this.”  It's got to be duplicatable, so always be using a third-party tool for this reason.

$$$ Golden Nugget $$$

It does not matter what works!  The only thing that matters is what duplicates!

Another example:  Let's just say that they have expressed that they would like to bring their spouse home.  The spouse does not like their job.

Let's just say that they have expressed that they would like to bring their spouse home.  The spouse does not like their job.


If I could show you how to retire the spouse so they can be at home with the kids,

would that be worth fifteen minutes of your time?

DollarPerHourBillingThe dollar per hour strategy

Another example is using the “dollar per hour” strategy.  This works great with people that are getting paid by the hour.  In our business, we currently have a promotion running where we're literally seeing people, on average, make two hundred dollars and hour.  Most company compensation plans usually have some form of up-front bonuses or ways to make immediate income.  Figure out what that is in your business, how much time it takes on average to trigger this income, and implement the following strategy:

Let's say I'm out at a restaurant, and the waiter or waitress seems to be super sharp, and I want to recruit or prospect them for my business.  I've received great service from them, and I've asked some great questions during the course of my meal to find their need/desire.  I'm getting ready to leave, so they make their final approach to bring me my receipt.  I give them a sincere compliment.

$$$ Golden Nugget $$$

The sincere compliment is powerful because it opens the door to true communication.  

It will get them to pay attention to what you have to say.

Key point…it must be 100% sincere.  

I might say something like, “You're very good at what you do, and you've given me the best service I've ever received here at ABC Restaurant.  Do you plan on owning your own restaurant one day and making this a career?” or “Do you plan on doing this the rest of your life?”  

These are great questions.  Then they're typically going to say, “Oh, no no no.  I'm just doing this to help put myself through school, or make extra money.”  They're going to express the need, pain, etc.  Now ask the magic question…


Well, if I could show you how to make on average two hundred dollars an hour without jeopardizing your job here at the restaurant,

would that be worth fifteen minutes of your time?

If I, would that?

They may then ask, “How can you do that?”  Don't get caught in this trap.  Be in a hurry and reply with a question.  Your only goal is to book the appointment so you can show them the presentation.

Example Response:

“Well, obviously I can't get into it right now. You're busy. You've got other tables to wait on, and I have to leave, but is that something you would be interested in?  (Question!!!!)

“If so, put your information down on the back of my receipt here (your name, phone number, and email), and I promise I'll get back with you to set up an appointment and show you what I've got.”

Those are just a few examples of booking the appointment using this magic question. You can also use it to have a higher success rate when getting your prospects to view your presentation.

Using the magic question to get them to view your presentation

This question is absolutely awesome when getting your prospect to actually look at your presentation.  You would just simply insert your third-party tool into this scenario.  Let's say you're wanting to send them to a website to view yourThe Magic Question presentation video. Basically say, well if I gave you a like to a website video that plays about a

Example: Basically say, well if I gave you a like to a website video that plays about a

If I gave you a link to a website that plays a twenty-minute video, would you click on it and watch it?

If I gave you a magazine, would you read it?

If I gave you a CD, would you listen to it?

If I invited you to listen in on a private conference call, would you do it?

If I bought you to dinner and took you to a presentation (at whatever location), where you could see other people taking advantage of this information and changing their lives, would you go?

This works for whatever third-party tool you are using.  There are additional questions that you can ask to even increase your success rate further, but we'll cover them in another post.

IFWhat makes the magic question, or variations of it, so powerful?

Why is this so powerful?  In my opinion, it's the very first word in the question…The word “IF.”

The word “If” is doing some major powerful things.

  1. Number one, it's creating posture for you.  It is posturing you as the professional in charge of the conversation.
  2. Number two, it creates fear of loss.  The word “IF” implies that you may not give them this information.  This gives you power and helps remove the fear of rejection.  They have to be deserving in order to get YOUR information or help.

This is great if you find yourself talking to someone that gives a hint of negativity or attitude.  If you get any objection or question, like the one mentioned above, you just simply repeat the question.  Sometimes I add a little attitude to it.  Now, I'm not going to be rude.  I'm going to be nice, but I'm in charge and I will take it away from them.

An example of this might be they ask you “what is it? or what's this about?”  After telling them you don't have time to show them right now they say something like, “Well if you can't tell me what it's about, then I'm not interested.”  That is when you can take it away from them in a nice way.   You could say, “This probably isn't for you.  It's been a pleasure meeting you, and I hope you have a great day.”  You will find that when you have this kind of posture it surprises them and takes them back a bit.  When you have this kind of posture, it will not be uncommon to have people stop you as you are walking away.  They will say, “Wait, wait, wait, come back.  Here is my information, and I would like to know more.”

Why does this happen?  Because of FEAR OF LOSS!  They either want to pay for college without loans or they don't.  They either want to eliminate the job or they don't.  They either want time freedom or they don't. Whatever their desire or need is, they either want it or need it or they don't.  I'm simply going to utilize THEIR NEED inside of the magic question.  IT IS THEIR NEED, NOT MINE.

I promise you that if you do this, and you start implementing the various ways of using this powerful question into your Implementbusiness, it's going to have a positive powerful impact on your business.  I highly recommend that you get your entire organizations in front of this information so that they too can learn it and start utilizing it and implementing it.  You're going to see more appointments being booked and a higher success rate in getting prospects or recruits to look at your presentation. I promise…It's that powerful.

In future videos, I'm going to teach you some additional questions to ask to make sure that they get in front of the presentation and actually watch the presentation (Confirmation questions).  I'm going to talk to you about some questions to ask to make your invitations better, to help you with following up and closing, so stay tuned for those.

I hope this information's been helpful to you. If you've gotten value, simply comment below and share it on Facebook, Twitter, all of the social media outlets.  I would very much appreciate it.  Don't ever hesitate to reach out to me and let me know if I can help in any way.  With that being said, have a great day and I will see you at the bank.

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